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Tool Clean Up – Table Saw

Tool Clean Up – Planer

Tool Clean Up – Jointer


Welcome to my woodworking blog.

My woodworking hobby has been on hold for 18 months or so while I (slowly) finish the other portion of my basement.  I’m finally almost done and am hoping to get going with the wood working again in the Fall of 2011.  I’ve got a whole stack of projects I’m itching to try.

I got the first tickling of the itch way back in 2002 when I was living in an apartment with a non-standard depth built-in closet.  We couldn’t find anything practical for the bottom half drawer/rack wise (everything was about 1cm too deep to fit) so I tried my hand at custom building some drawers.  I only had a power drill and a jig saw and zero skills or knowledge.  I knocked up a functional (but not ugly) set of drawers out of standard cut pieces from store.  Honestly, they were the kind of thing only a mother could love (and even she’d be lying) but they got us through.

Fast forward a few years to late 2005 when we were living in our new house with a big basement.  I got a catalog mailer from Lowes about building a checker/chess board and the itch was back.  I badgered everyone for hand-tools and gave it a shot (where I learned hand tools require some skill) and made a pretty ugly chess board.  But  I was on my way.

My initial posts will be about past projects, with limited progress photos since I didn’t think to take them at the time.