Construction Crane

Far too long since I’ve done anything in the shop, I decided to see if I could build the construction crane for the kid for Christmas.  I started Saturday evening before Christmas, got a bit of time in Sunday afternoon and Sunday night, got a little bit more time Monday afternoon and finished it off right in time for Christmas Eve.

The plans from Wood Magazine of course.   I had bought the materials for it months ago (and I still have the materials for the excavator as well).

Was pretty straightforward project.  I did cut a few decorative corners (no curved corners in a few places and only lined up four wheels to keep it easy) since I was working on limited time.  I did manage to have a few setbacks – first I forgot my last 1-inch forstner bit had gotten trapped in my old drill which seized up during another build so I had to rush over to Home Depot.  Then I completely ruined the first mast with a misaligned drill with said bit.  Managed to rebuild it pretty quickly tho.

Was definitely a hit under the tree, since at 2’+, it was the tallest thing under there.  It spent a busy day transporting miniature fairies up and down.


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