Rolling workbench

I have a good workbench (I bought it not built it tho).  I always hate to do paint/stain work on it tho, because I don’t want to mess it up.  And when I use my benchtop tools on it (scrollsaw, mini-bandsaw and sanding station), it’s fixed so I get lazy and don’t hook up the dust collector.  I happened to have a spare desk I couldn’t give away.  Even charity wouldn’t take it for being too big.  It was 5′ by almost 3′.

It, too, is fixed base, but I decided I would put it into the workshop and use it as a finishing station, since I don’t care if it stains or gets paint on it.  However, it wasn’t quite tall enough to put my mini-bandsaw under for storage.  So I put it on some blocks.  Problem solved.

Then I used it, and it was exactly as I wanted.  A worktop I could use and not care about if I nicked (I did).  But I was still lazy about dust collection.

So I decided to solve the laziness problem and put it on wheels.  I got some heavy duty casters and took off the feet it came with.  Since it is basically a flat-pack particle board desk, I reinforced the side joints by putting in some wood blocks on either side and driving long screws through to sandwich the the particle board between real wood.  I also put some running boards along the base to give me something to attach the wheels too.

Pretty pleased, it’s rock solid now, and it free rolls nicely (I got locking wheels if I need too lock it).  And has the height I can put my desktop tools under when not in use.  Which also forces me to roll the desk over to the dust collector area to use them, since I have to move the desk anyway.


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  1. Nice bench. The workshop looks great.

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