Lumber Storage

So I’ve been continuing to spend some time working on the workshop to make it usable in it’s reduced footage (don’t get me wrong, it’s still decent size, but now it needs planning).  One of my big issues has been lumber storage, or lack of it.  As part of putting up stud walls to run electrics (still to happen), I wanted to get the spare wood up and out of the way and to get some proper storage for spare sheet goods.  I found this plan and decided to make a variation.

8′ sheet goods are rarely hanging around my shop – I buy them when I need them for a project and cut them pretty quick.  However, scraps of some size can  hang around for quite some time.  I decided to make a 4′ sheet good lean area with a spare support I could pop into place if needed on a temporary basis.  I made the upper lumber supports as well.  I supplemented both with some bungee cord straps because I’m paranoid.  I haven’t decided if I’ll use the in-between the stud storage like in the picture until after the electrics are run.  I got about 11′ of rack storage with some spare space.  I’m keeping another area clear in case I decide to make some more.

All in all I was pretty pleased with how it worked out.  Most irritating thing was the first set of bolt I bought for support pegs were really cheap and half of them wouldn’t take nut properly.  Shear a few in half trying to twist it on.  Bought some replacements and they were fine.


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