Scrap Wood Scrap-Wood Cart

As part of the plans I have for the work shop, I plan on building a rack system into the studs on a wall along with a sheet goods bin like this.  However, I would have plenty of scraps that would be too small for there, and so I decided to build a mobile cart.  I was originally going to build the cart in this set.  However, it only uses the front half for short pieces and has upright sections in the back for longer pieces, unnecessary for me.  I was going to keep the halves divided but decided that would be too limiting (and I was right!).

So in the end, nothing exciting, just some open shelves on chunky 3″ casters.  But does the job.  Except for casters, I built it entirely out of scrap I had (which is why the top is just some thin ply, I only had enough scrap to make 5 of the shelves, instead of 6.  Everything is 3/4″ plywood of some kind – the sides are excess subflooring, the shelves from my dresser project.

The banding is also from it and dresses it up a bit/will help prevent plywood splinters.  Put a little round-over on all the edges as well.  I plan to hit up Staples next weekend and find some removable labels I can put on the sides to say what’s what.  On the very top are just bad pieces/bad cuts that I can use for test cuts/test routing.


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