Tool Clean Up – Planer

Got some unexpected time to hit the planer today, a Delta 22-580.  Like the jointer, wasn’t expecting to have to do tons.  I got the machine a few months before my extended break, so it hadn’t been used too hard.  Similarly, I used a combination of the manual and the John White book, The Care and Repair of Shop Machines.

After opening it up, gave it a good clean-out, though I’m guessing the chips will find their way back pretty quick.  Visually inspected the blades, and they still seemed pretty good so didn’t change them.  Added a bit of grease to the gears.

Built a variation on the John White measuring jig.  Realizing I didn’t have a bolt of the correct thickness (this was a spontaneous project timing wise) I decided to see if I could make something using the t-track holder the inch dial came with.  Came out ok, and glad I didn’t stress about the exact jig since it became clear that my planer’s knife drum is not like ones he describes.  It’s more of an oval than circular, and more importantly, it’s got bumps, screws and other obstacles pretty much everywhere.  I did some spot checks, and it seemed to be parallel.  Will run some more test boards to verify.

I did spend some time adjusting the feed tables.  They were definitely not quite right, and think I got them better.  Then cleaned it all up some more and closed it up.  Test cuts looked good, but will need to do some more.


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