Tool Clean Up – Jointer

My construction assistant is on hiatus til the end of the January so the workshop remodel is on hold since most of what I want to put up will need two people at various points.

So started working on cleaning and retuning the tools today.  Started with the jointer – a Delta JT360 6″ jointer.  I’ve barely used the thing since the kid came along not after getting it and wood working was on hold.  When it came it was the only machine I bought that seemed have been given a large grease bath right before shipping.  It was pretty disgusting even tho it’s been barely used.

So I started with the manual and John White’s The Care and Repair of Shop Machines.

Spent about two hours making jigs I wound up not using (magnet bar, the knives are in pretty good condition and were pretty even so didn’t need adjusting) or didn’t come out right (the master plate bars – did NOT turn out right).  The irony of the book is each tool assumes you’ve got at least one other machine in good condition and proper alignment, in this case a drill press to make the jig – I don’t have a drill press and my jig turned out not straight and square.

In the end, I used the edges of some different stock from the factory cut sides and checked for flatness.  It’s a pretty small jointer and using the different pieces in different ways seemed all squared.  Thankfully, the table feeds were pretty flat individually and across each other.

That said, the overall check was useful in that I realized my initial install had put one of the pulleys on backwards and they were out of alignment.  Straightened that out and the fence did need some work on the 90 degree stop.  I did get it cleaned up as well.

Working the test piece, reminded me what a nice machine it is for all of that.  I’m looking forward to tuning the other machines.  Planer probably next.  (Table saw and miter saw will be last as I want to finish the remodel before I replace their blades and retune them).


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