Holiday Bears

Something I’ve been wanting to make for a while, but needed an excuse to do.

Project NotesPlans were from WOOD Store.  (I have the plans for the reindeer and ducks as well for future years).  Materials weren’t bad, but I did have to get some outdoor colored paint that I’ll need to find a use for.  I used exterior plywood for this project, but would probably use MDF with more coats of primer/paint in future.  The plywood is rough up front.

I’d also figure a way to hang paint the parts in my shop next time.  The exterior stuff is like latex and it ran a bit along the edges.  Didn’t help that I was rushed to make it for today’s completion.  I would allocate more lead time next time.  Not a great paint job up close due to these issues.

They are also actually sitting on some blocks of pressure treated wood so they are not directly on the ground and are staked down through the holes near the bottoms of their legs.

Costs – modest.  I used 4 (not just the two pictured) 2’x4’s instead of one 4’x8′ since I can’t fit a 4’x8′ in my car.  Also not shown is a a single 2″x4″x8′ pressure treated stud used to make the wedges giving the dimensions.  Had to buy some one off paint for the box, and will hopefully reuse the black on other projects.  Also bought some tent stakes and cord (cheap at REI) at keep them down in winds.


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