What a Messy Messy Messy Workshop

So this is why woodworking is on hold.  Doing some major construction on the other 2/3 of the basement, so all the furniture for that area is in storage here.  In addition, all the scrap material and various bits and bobs from the project are in here too.  It’s gotten to be a joke to move around in here.  The damage you don’t see is that most of the equipment has gotten some pretty heavy use.  Everything needs re-tuning, new blades, etc.  That’s the other part of the mess – I have half-finished projects and various gages/zero clearance inserts, etc etc lying around as well.

The other side is almost almost done though (after a very long time, we didn’t exactly rush).  Next few weeks kind of finished.  The real question is then what to do with the workshop.  I could just get back to projects, but I also want to semi-finish this side.  I at least want to put in stud walls.  I may put in a sub-floor to help with the cold a bit.  But if I do that, it’s further delay to projects.  If I don’t do it, I go back to working in a workshop with insufficient plugs (1 socket), insufficient light (1 bulb + movable work lights) and limited storage (shelving only, can’t use the wall space).  Dilemma, dilemma…

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