3-D Safari Puzzle

Built for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, though I still don’t let her actually play with it.  Plans from Wood Magazine.

Project notes – fun project that took me over 2 years in elapsed time.  I initially started it a little before my daughter’s first birthday, but quickly realized she was too young for it.  I broke the first rhino I cut as well when I dropped it.  I did some more of the cutting after her 2nd, and finally did all the staining and finishing for her 3rd.

All the pieces are of different scrap pieces from projects, plus a few flooring samples a friend gave me, plus a box of assorted scrap I ordered from rockler.  I eventually used stain to help differentiate.

Cost – minimal for mostly scraps.

Flaws – First time scroll-sawing and I was unable to find blades as finely toothed as described in the plans.  So some of the fits are a little loose (rhino head).  The platform grooves are also a touch too wide.

I dropped the dang 2nd rhino too, but was able to repair it.  About 10 minutes after I gave it too her, my daughter broke one of the trees, also repaired.  It now sits on a high shelf in her room.  😉


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