Mailbox Post

Our original mailbox was a dinky thing right on the house.  Found this project plan from Woodcraft.  The pictures below are before I filled in the screw holes that attach the mailbox post to the mounting post cemented into ground.

Project notes – lot of intricate sheathing around the post in some layers as well as planter being quite nice decoratively.  Did this in 2006 or 2007 I believe.  Took me a few months on and off to get it ready.

I dug the 4′ post hole on what was possibly the hottest and muggiest day of the summer.  Immediately I hit problem #1, which was the old house’s pavement was still underneath and I had to break it up with a pick.  I then found old tree roots (apparently the old house was an overgrown mess) which I needed to saw through.  Under THAT, I found a sweatshirt, which I was quite thankful it did not have a body in it.

Cost – moderate from what I recall, again, cedar for the wood materials, mailbox from Lowes.

Flaws – I did not own a bandsaw at the time, and cutting the arched supports was done by hand with a jig saw (with all the imperfection that entails since the piece was bigger than my jig blades too).  I sanded it to a roughly good looking piece, but the imperfections are clear if you look for them.  Thankfully they are not noticeable if you are not looking for them.

Also, not quite a flaw, my father and I made the mounting post dead level.  Unfortunately everything around it is not level, and from some angles it looks like it is the mailbox post that is off when it is not.

Since it’s install, it’s gone through several winters and summers.  I’ve had to repair the joins on some of the cladding but it is holding up reasonably well, though looking at it today, it needs to be stripped and repainted again at this point.


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