Patio Glider, Chair and Table

Built the chair, glider and table (not shown) in 2006, 2007 and 2008 for our front porch.  Chair and glider were the first projects I did after the Lowes checker board that got me started.  I figured outdoor furniture would be more forgiving to beginner mistakes than interior.

Plans from Woodcraft for glider, chair and table/planter.

Project notes – wish I had taken more photos!  Each one took me a few weekends of woodworking.  For the chair, I followed the directions and painted after construction.  Came out terrible.  For the glider and table, I painted like a model and did surfaces as possible.  Also got the wife to do chunks of the painting as she has more patience for it.  Came out awesome.  Did have a big delay in the glider.  The manufacturer discontinued the parts in the plans, but McFeeley’s took 3 months to figure out they were never shipping the parts to me.  Substitution worked out but irritating delay.

Costs – moderate.  Made of cedar to be rot resistant.

Flaws – generally pretty good.  Main issue is the chair’s paint job which I blame the plan for.


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