The Dresser / Changing Table

Built for my daughter.  Plans from Woodcraft.

I chose not to add the curved top as it was pretty complicated for the tools I had at the time, and I felt without it, it was stylistically more neutral for long term use.

Project notes – Started in June 2007 in June took me approximately 2 1/2 months to complete.  Which was good, because we put it in her room two days before she was born (she was early, guess she knew we were ready at that point).

Costs – Kind of pricey.  The maple and the maple veneered wood was expensive and there is a fair amount of it.

Flaws – this is the project where I learned my router (a cheapo skil combo base one) has a crap locking collett and the bit slowly slides out of it over time.  The middle bottom groove is deeper than the the sides so the box is not perfectly square and dips a little in the middle.  It was too expensive to replace and I didn’t have an idea how to fix it at the time.  The top hides the worst of it, and I had to shim the shelves to make them level, so it’s only apparent if you look closely.


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